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Alice and the Hatter – Herne Bay, Kent

It was like an unreal place. I liked that it looked like a mad hatter’s tea shop. Some of the seats were just like tea cups.

I had a nice cup of tea and felt like the mad hatter because he has tea. The toilet door knobs were really funny because they were just like the talking door knobs in Alice in Wonderland.

We didn’t have time to eat there but it was fun to explore the place. The menu didn’t look too fancy and there was lots of nice things on it. I would like to go there for my birthday party and dress up as the mad hatter!Alice and the hatter


Drinks delivered in quick time. The waiter let me drink out of a wine glass. It felt as that I was going down a hole because a sauce made out pepper and tomato made my spirit go up high and made me really happy. The lettuce was as green as grass. The waiter made me really cheerful because she was kind and honest to me. The music was to the slow beat because it was romantic.

Food: Delicious although I wasn’t too keen on the fishcake. Aunty Claire ate most of it. I tried my mum’s mussels which were strange and salty. 7/10.


Welcome to Freya’s Food Fantasties.

Hi. My name is Freya – and I LOVE food.

Due to being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of two, I have learnt that I need to be selective about the food that I eat – and I want it to be TASTY!!

My dream of being a restaurant food critic is a distant one as I am only 9 years old. However, I am looking forward to starting this by having my own blog. I hope that you will enjoy my thoughts.